science fiction is not pretend, 2021

single channel video, 5m59s. artist: ra walden, text editor: la warman, interactive website in collaboration with cooper lovano. a commission by hau hebbel am ufer. supported by fonds darstellende künste with funds from the federal government commissioner for culture and the media.

[A blurry screenshot from the single channel video depicting a brown baby bird facing the camera with its yellow beak a thin line around its wide open mouth. It sits towards the bottom of the image and is framed by an indistinguishable crumpled white mound in front of a textured black and red background]

"let's start with the end of the world, why don't we? get it over with and move on to more interesting things." n.k. jemisin

sessile days, sick days, fog and forgotten. time bending; showing its nature. loss loss loss loss loss. disobedient bodies, archives, clocks and capital. science fiction is not pretend; everyday a buffet of horror, a smorgasbord of unearthly delights. loneliness, promise, desire and fertile ground. bodies fallible and flailing under the weight of the end of the world. sometimes there is hope but sometimes there is only a logbook; a pathetic record keeping. the accompanying video and website, a digital tomb. articles half-read. notes made in moments between waking and sleeping. holding despair in one hand and a remote in the other. “where is the mother now?” asks the voice. the water is burning, the money-machine is number-crunching, excrement pools in the waste-lands of factory overflow. nobody is coming with milk and cookies. complicit and raging, there is no higher ground.

Video available here