Remedial Geologies IV 

[(Video documentation, 19 seconds) Clear glass tubing filled with argon gas, bent in the shape of a rocky, clustered landscape is mounted to the wall in a dark room. A black cable joining the ends of each tube together is visible from the backlight of the tubes. The tubes are lit brightly, almost white, but they have a soft, pale-blue glow. The light flickers a bit, but never goes out completely. A single black cord on either side of the mounted tubes hangs towards the floor and out of the frame of the camera]
Remedial Geologies IV, 2019.
99.5cm x 36.5cm x 10cm.
8mm clear glass tubing, argon gas, mercury, HT cable, power supply.  

Remedial Geologies IV is a co-commission by Art B&B, and Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, funded by Arts Council England.

Remedial Geologies is a series of works depicting natural rock formations in clear glass and noble gases. The work seeks to explore the link between natural landscape and wellness, asking whether the landscape can still be remedial if viewed through a digital or abstracted medium.

[(Detail) Still image of the same aforementioned lit glass tubing, but at a tilted perspective from the left side of the mounted tubing. The close range of the photograph provides more definition to the tubes and the blue color of the light. Plastic mounts screwed into the wall that hold the tubing are visible]
[Still shot of the work from front on (1.)]

[(Detail) Close-up of one of the plastic mounts and some glass tubing. The glow reveals the wall’s texture]