[Video of a four channel installation. The screen is divided into four panels, each panel showing a timelapse video of a bedroom ceiling in various tones of grey/white. Black text appears on the screen. Transcript below.]

-o-:06:19, 2019
4 channel video installation. 11m11s. 

A short text plays over four time lapses of the artist’s bedroom ceiling. A heavily manipulated text-to-speech voice reads the text aloud. Audio is played back at 1/500th of its original speed. The videos loop without reference point for beginning or end.

The text to audio transcript (see below) accompanies the video as an image file, copied exactly as it was encoded to speak “naturally” through the apple accessibility system. This coding includes pauses (coded as [[sincXXX]]) as well as incorrect spellings that enable correct machine-pronunciation of certain words. The transcript highlights the human input necessary to simulate humanity through machine-learning, whilst also providing an accessible transcript of the video work.

[Four rectangular monitors are mounted in a square on a white wall, with a pair of black headphones on either side. The room is dimly lit, mostly by the pale-blue light of the monitors. There is a white bench in front of the monitors]
Installation view: BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead. Photo: Colin Davison. © 2019 BALTIC