Wherever You Are I'll Find You

[An embedded Google Map interface displays the Earth’s continents, where one can zoom in or out and move around the map. There are red, orange, yellow, and blue pins dotting the map. The yellow pins form clusters in North America and Europe and they correspond with “Wherever You Are I’ll Find You.” The rest of the pins make up the other Off-Site-Project maps]

‘Wherever You Are I’ll Find You’ is a two month Google Maps Residency run by Off Site Project
Over an eight week period RA will be mapping sick, crip and disabled care networks across physical and digital spaces; in the process creating an archive of sick, care-giving and allied artists whose practices have supported them over the past five years.

The map embedded above shows all 9 of Off Site Project’s past Google Maps Residencies. ‘Wherever You Are I’ll Find You’ is made up of the yellow pins. Click on each pin for more information and a link.