Crip Ecologies

[Sixteen clear glass jars with black lids, and 4 clear, covered petri dishes, all with horizontal white labels printed in black ink are sitting upright on a horizontal surface. Various natural materials (flowers, soil/dirt, leaves, stones, seeds, fruit, herbs), and liquids of varying colors; red, yellow, brown, fill the containers. Some of the labels have names of people or streets on them, all are accompanied dates]
[(Detail) Aerial shot of 6 petri dishes in two rows, each three dishes wide: Top left is labelled “ELDENAER STR 44, 10.09.18” and contains soil and green plant matter. Top middle is labelled “GABRIEL-MAX-STR 2, 13.09.18” and contains soil with small pebbles, dark plant matters and a pinkish seedpods. Top right is unlabelled and contains soil, dead grass, nut shells and rocks. Bottom left is unlabelled and contains a mixture of fine and coarse soil, and dead leaves. Bottom middle is labelled “GLOGAUER STR, D: BILLY, 06.10.18” and contains a similar mixture of soil as (d) and crushed dead leaves. Bottom right is labelled “VOIGT STR, 11.10.18” and contains fine soil only]

Crip Ecologies, archive, 2018
Glass, soil, rocks, plant life, animal specimens, formalin, preservative. 

Crip Ecologies serves to archive the artist’s limited involvement with the natural world due to their disability. The work comments on the increased value of objects as they become harder to access, in turn positioning the fragility of the body in relation to the fragility of our ecosystem.