Potential Future Performances

[There is a concrete cube  in a rectangular gallery space with white walls and polished concrete floors. The gallery is lit by 6 skylights in the gallery’s ceiling. The doorway is open, with no door, and light flooding in. In the far left corner of the room is a large one meter cube of solid concrete, naturally gray and patinated. A steel ring is embedded into the center of the front face of the block, with a thick polished steel chain attached to it. The chain falls down the face of the cube and spills onto the gallery floor. At the end of the chain is an open carabiner]
[(Detail) Close up of the cube and its chain]

Potential Future Performances I, 2018.
Digitally-rendered sculpture, audio performance and coded text-to-audio transcript.

Potential Future Performances is a series of work featuring digitally-rendered sculptures and accompanying performances that will (likely) never be performed. The work points to the absence of the able body, asking the audience to question their own expectations of ability and capacity in relation to performance art.

The series pushes for alternative methods of performance that don’t rely on visible, able and physically present bodies in order to be understood as live-art.

Potential Future Performances I, transcript.